Elmax Builders Supply Co
1624 Webster Ave, Bronx NY 10457 | elmaxbuildersupply@msn.com

Our Company

Elmax Builders Supply CO. has been a leader in the lumber industry since 1950, supplying the construction industry with not only with lumber, but also competitive prices and impeccable service. You only need to take a walk through New York City to see the numerous buildings and skyscrapers that we supplied the lumber for.

Whether you need lumber, construction materials, flooring, or janitorial supplies, you can rely on Elmax Builders Supply CO. for our quality service and cost-effective prices. Our close relationships with the largest manufacturers in the country (such as Georgia-Pacific Corp.™) give us the buying power that translates into lower prices for you. Additionally, our reload area in the Bronx gives us the flexibility to deliver highly mixed products at very competitive prices.

Our massive inventory will be of great value to you, too, because it allows us to attend to your needs with speed and efficiency, saving you time and money. No matter how large or small, we welcome the opportunity to serve all your lumber and building needs.
Contact our building supply company in Bronx, New York, for a full range of building, remodeling, and repair supplies.